Tim Scott Fights Back Tears During Speech on Charleston Shooting

Republican South Carolina Senator Tim Scott, the first African-American senator from the South since Reconstruction, took to the Senate floor Wednesday to give an emotional speech on the Charleston shooting.

“The past week has been one of terrible tragedy and amazing unity,” he said. “Nine men and women, nine mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, sons, daughters lost forever.”

Scott shared a few minutes earlier, he was in the cloakroom and asked a victim’s son what he wanted him to share on the Senate floor. “He said please share that ‘God cares for his people, God still lives.’ And I was amazed, and then he said with great enthusiasm and energy, a sense of excitement, that this evil attack would lead to reconciliation, restoration, and unity in our nation.”

Scott paused to control his voice. “Those were powerful words,” he finally managed, while wiping back tears. “It is with great sadness and amazing hope that our future has been changed.”

Watch, via Roll Call:

[Image via screenshot]
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