Time Columnist Joe Klein: Trump’s ‘Fundamentally Deranged’ Conduct is a ‘National Crisis’


Time Magazine columnist Joe Klein says its about time America admitted there is an ongoing “national crisis” as long as Donald Trump remains in the White House.

Klein was on CNN’s New Day today, and he was part of the panel where Chief Legal Analyst Jeffrey Toobin said the deaths of almost 3,000 Puerto Ricans “don’t count” like they would’ve to Trump if they were white people. Klein said Trump’s “personality derangement” was on full display last week because of the Bob Woodward/NYT Op-ed double bombshell, so this “national crisis” is the country’s biggest problem at the moment.

“[The Op-ed] was an act of patriotism,” Klein said. “It corroborates what Woodward is reporting, it corroborates the reporting that people at CNN and other news outlets have been doing the past year. It is yet another source that says that we are dealing with a very fundamentally deranged person who is leading our country right now. Thank god there are sane people who are surrounding him who might limit the damage.”

Klein continued later on by mocking members of Trump’s cabinet who pushed back against Woodward without contradicting the quotes attributed to them in his book. He also said the Times op-ed writer doesn’t need to go public, saying its more important to have “sane” people remain close to Trump throughout the remainder of his presidency.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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