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Time Out Over? Donny Deutsch Back On MSNBC Monday (UPDATE)

Donny Deutsch hasn’t been back on the air on MSNBC since his “America The Angry” show featured a segment involving Keith Olbermann and the program met an abrupt end.

But Mediaite has learned Deutsch makes his return Monday as co-host of Morning Joe from 7-9amET, nearly three weeks after his last time on MSNBC.

> Sunday evening update: Deutsch will NOT be on Morning Joe tomorrow. His rep tells Mediaite Deutsch had to cancel because “he had a client issue come up that he has to take care of.” We’ll update again about when he’ll be back on when we know.

Deutsch had been an MSNBC regular up to that point, although the self-contained hosting gig was a new experience (he previously had a show on CNBC). During March and April, he had appeared weekly on Morning Joe as well as other news hours and Hardball. But since April 20, he has been notably absent. We had originally heard he would appear the following week on Morning Joe. Was this punishment, or just letting the dust settle?

Whatever happens during his first two hours back on the network, it’s likely he’ll go the Joe Scarborough route when it comes to anything resembling a mention of Keith Olbermann.

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