Time Warner Cable and CNN Break Up – TWC Takes CNN Off Speed Dial

cnn_7-20They were legally separated in March. And now, Time Warner Cable and Time Warner and its networks – like CNN – are falling further out of favor.

Multichannel News has the details of the channel changes planned by Time Warner Cable in New York, that will launch CNN from channel 10 to channel 78 beginning next month.

The HD channel moves from 710 to 778.

Other Turner channels being kicked down the dial – Cartoon Network (from 22 to 61) and TruTV (from 23 to 79). Who benefits from the moves? One News Corp. cabler – FX – takes the spot of CNN, and some Discovery Communications networks: Discovery Kids and Investigation Discovery.

In New York, CNN goes from the cable news network sitting in a prime spot among the broadcast networks to a much less attractive location. MSNBC currently sits at 14, with Fox News at 44. It’s not a huge deal, but for a network fighting to stay competitive in the ratings, it doesn’t help.

The development is a result from the break-up for sure, but in less than six months, the turn on the former mothership is surprising.

Sal Petruzzi, SVP of PR for Turner Broadcasting, declined comment to Mediaite last night.

Maybe it’s just too soon…

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