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Tina Brown: ‘I Don’t Feel The Passion’ From Democrats On ‘Obscene’ Budget Proposals

On Morning Joe, Tina Brown appeared to echo the sentiments of Jon Stewart by declaring, “I don’t feel the passion on the Democratic side to force the debate into the terms that it needs to be forced into.” Although she was impressed with Republican Congressman Paul Ryan and his effort to tackle the budget, she was afraid many Republican proposals were “obscene.”

Regarding Ryan’s budget, Brown said:

“At least he’s been honest about trying to make a point that sacrifices have to be made. But where I think it’s obscene, and where I don’t hear enough of the noisy fight back is just that these sacrifices are being taken and borne by the weak, the vulnerable and the old. They’re not being borne by the corporations, by the super rich who have actually had a payday for the last years and have ravaged the country as a result.”

By suggesting the country has been “ravaged” by the most wealthy, Brown demonstrates some passion that she is hoping Democrats will show more of in the future. And with a potential government shutdown looming, it seems like, for now at least, Brown and others will be disappointed that the Democratic party did not put up a more passionate fight.

Watch the clip from MSNBC below:

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