TMZ Roasts Don Lemon for Ferguson ‘Screw-Ups’ and Fashion Choices

Worlds collided on Tuesday’s edition of TMZ: Cable news became fodder for a show that almost exclusively saves its mockery for Hollywood celebrities.

CNN’s Don Lemon has been subject to fierce scrutiny over the past year, for moments ranging from his “black hole” MH370 question, to his “use your teeth” blowjob question, to his Talib Kweli interview, to his comments during the Ferguson protests of recent days.

TMZ recapped all of those moments to make fun of the cable personality, and more: His decision to wear a nice-looking scarf over his bulletproof vest while covering the Ferguson protests. And also his use of the word “obviously” when reporting the smell of marijuana in the air during those same demonstrations.

Harvey Levin and his staff even reminded us of an even older Lemon controversy: His bafflingly unnecessary Twitter feud with Jonah Hill

It’s been a rough week for Lemon taking heat from unusual places: Writing in the Washington Post Style blog, one reporter called him an “aggressively subjective CNN polemicist.”

Watch the TMZ roasting below:

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