To Provide Perspective On START, Hannity Turns To Jon Voight. Wait, What?

Will START be passed in the lame duck session of Congress? Should it be? Who can help us process all of this?

These are weighty issues, and fittingly, Fox News’ Hannity wasted no time Monday night rolling out just the right person to provide desperately needed perspective–a guy who’s literally been on the front lines in the war on terror as Jack Bauer’s father: Jon Voight.

Uh, what now? Introduced by fill-in host Mark Steyn as “the sanest man in Hollywood,” and asked him the critical question when you’re talking nuclear arms agreements with a guy best known for being in Deliverance and, of course, for doing his part to deliver unto the world Angelina Jolie: “is it even relevant to the world we’re living in today?”

Short answer? Passing START would be waaaaay worse than the economic collapse:

“Every American citizen should be up in arms and calling their Senators to reject this Obama’s…START treaty. You know, without our nuclear might, we would be subject to becoming a weak nation. And what would follow would be much more severe than what we’re currently going through with 9.6 unemployment.”

Voight argued that our freedom depends–in part–on our massive arsenal of nuclear weapons, saying it’s a fact understood clearly by Presidents Kennedy and Reagan, but obviously not by the new guy–whom Voight says is capable of “destroying our country.”

Watch it here, from Fox:

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