Today Panel On Anderson Cooper Coming Out: ‘Sometimes You Generate Information For Ratings’

The last time we checked into Today‘s “Today’s Professionals” panel, Donny Deutsch was handing out some weapons grade political wisdom on the words of Chris Hayes (ignore him because he’s a “weenie“). On this morning’s edition, Star Jones weighed in with the “cynic’s” view on Anderson Cooper publicly saying he was gay: “When the ratings slip in daytime, the hosts tend to tell you lots of things about them.”

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“I’m a bit of a cynic,” Jones explained, noting that Cooper has a daytime show and that Oprah Winfrey “said she smoked crack, Oprah said that she was pregnant at 14 and considered suicide,” and this could be a similar move. “There are times that you generate information for ratings and, whoa, I’m sorry that I said that,” she concluded, with Deutsch chiming in that even if he didn’t intend to raise ratings, “the reality is, more people will tune into his show today.”

Deutsch added that he saw the situation for Cooper as far easier than those who are not established in their fields, or those who are in certain fields where coming out severely hurts your career, like “super action hero.”

The segment via NBC below:

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