Todd Akin Had a Whole Lot to Say About ‘Legitimate Rape’ This Morning on MSNBC

Former GOP senatorial candidate Todd Akin joined Daily Rundown host Chuck Todd for an uncomfortable interview Thursday morning, in which Akin defended his “legitimate rape” comments that arguably cost him a Senate seat two years ago.

Akin argued that “legitimate rape” was short for a legal term, “legitimate case of rape.”

“This is something that was intentionally misunderstood and twisted for political purposes,” Akin said. “Because it doesn’t make any sense to say a conservative is saying that rape is legitimate. I mean, that doesn’t even add up.”

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The former congressman also defended his comments that women’s bodies “had ways of shutting that whole thing down,” referring to conception from rape. “I’m not presenting myself as a doctor,” Akin cautioned, before citing studies saying that the stress incurred after rape could affect pregnancy.

“That’s really an ancillary question to the final question, which is: does a child conceived in rape have the same right to life as a child conceived in love,” he said.

Akin added that it was unfair that he had been pilloried by the media when Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton (who defended an alleged rapist in 1975) were applauded.

“I know you want to be mad at the media, and be mad at the president, but it’s Republicans who threw you under the bus,” Todd said, asking if Akin felt pressure from a Republican party that wanted him nowhere near the 2014 election.

Akin denounced the GOP’s “party leaders” that openly tried to force him out of his Senate race. “They don’t believe anymore in the process of the primary election,” Akin said. “They think that the people in primaries in various states are too stupid to pick the right person.”

Watch the clip below, via MSNBC:

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