Chuck Todd: Rep. Grimm’s Threat Result of ‘Opinion Folks’ Dehumanization’ of Reporters

NBC News Chief White House correspondent Chuck Todd told MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell that the reporter Rep. Michael Grimm (R-NY) accosted on Tuesday night may be able to file charges due to the threatening nature of those comments. He added that he has been afraid that the coarsening of America’s political discourse would lead to an event like what happened last night.

“If this had happened on the House floor, he would have been up for a reprimand or for an investigation by House Ethics,” Mitchell said.

“That reporter could have filed charges,” Todd added. “It was that kind of threatening.”

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Todd moved on to how this incident reflects on “how we communicate in politics.”

“There is a dehumanization going on,” he continued. “There’s some opinion folks trying to dehumanize politicians and other reporters.”

“I’ve been fearing confrontations like this more often,” Todd added. “I feel like that there is this culture that’s been developed. Some of it you can thank to social media, blind comments, anonymous this, the fact that everything is so divided in red versus blue, that I’m glad that this doesn’t happen more often.”

“I’ve been fearing that — we’re in such a toxic political environment — that we would start seeing stuff like this escalate like this,” he concluded.

Watch the clip below via MSNBC:

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