Tom Arnold Sits Down With Ben Shapiro to Talk About Alcoholism and Brett Kavanaugh

On Sunday, Tom Arnold appeared on Fox News’ Ben Shapiro Election Special where talk quickly turned to a tweet Arnold wrote in the wake of the Kavanaugh hearing.

“Alcoholism stunts your emotional growth so if you start drinking alcoholically as a teenager you stay a teenager emotionally until you deal with it,” Arnold tweeted out on Sept. 28. “Explains a lot about Brett Kavanaugh. From his combative behavior yesterday to his unusual bond with teenage girls basketball teams.”

“He is a 12-year federal judge and you are a human being who is Tom Arnold,” Shapiro said in response to Arnold’s tweeted out words.

“I’m also a recovering alcoholic,” Arnold said in response. “It was more about the way he conducted himself. I think that something that gets lost in this, there is a young woman that her referenced in his yearbook named Renate Schroeder and he referenced her and there was the alumni club… they all said that they had sex with her and he chanted stuff about her.”

He added: “So I don’t know if you were in a fraternity but that is what young guys do.”

The conversation just devolved from there.

Watch above, via Fox News

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