Tom Brokaw On Meet The Press: ‘Tough To See’ How Eric Holder Keeps His Job

On Meet the Press Sunday morning, veteran anchor Tom Brokaw said “it’s tough to see” how Eric Holder stays as Obama’s Attorney General much longer, given that he was “still in the crosshairs” over the seizure of AP phone logs.

David Gregory pointed to a New York Times article this morning in which administration sources questioned Holder’s effectiveness.

“What we’re seeing in the New York Times today is that familiar Washington two-step,” Brokaw said, “officially getting the endorsement of people like David Axelrod and the spokesman for the president, but at the same time there’s another part of that two step that is going on in which people are saying it would be better if he left, it would be better for the president to get this cleaned up.”

“From a political point of view,” Brokaw added, “one of the ways that you can measure the impact of all of this and the fairness of it, is think if this had happened in the Bush Administration with John Ashcroft as the Attorney General, you know full well that the Democrats and the left would be going very hard after them.”

Watch the whole interview here:

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