Tom Cotton: ‘A Lot of Republicans’ Are Voicing Concerns About Health Care Bill in Private

Senator Tom Cotton took to Twitter this morning to plead with his Republican colleagues that getting health care right is more important than getting it done fast, and told CNN’s Jake Tapper this afternoon there are “a lot of Republicans” privately voicing these concerns too.

He reaffirmed this afternoon that there’s no “urgency” here and the “breakneck speed” with which the House GOP is moving may end up making the results worse.

Tapper brought up Congressman Steve Scalise telling Republicans they’re either with President Trump or Nancy Pelosi on this. Cotton rejected that binary and said, “I’m with the American people.”

“There are a lot of Republicans who are saying these exact same things in private,” he told Tapper. “Frankly, some of them on Steve Scalise’s whip team are saying the same thing. I’m simply saying in public what many Republicans are voicing.”

Cotton added that what’s happening this week should give people questions about the legislative process, saying his party cannot do what they were decrying from the other side when Obamacare was being written up.

Watch above, via CNN.

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