Tom Friedman Predicts Vicious Republican Civil War After Trump Leaves Office: ‘It Will Be Scorpions in a Bottle’


New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman predicted a vicious, internecine battle over the future of the Republican Party once Donald Trump leaves the White House.

During an appearance on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360, Friedman discussed his most recent column on the party: “Trump Is Blowing Apart the G.O.P. God Bless Him.” In it, the Times columnist argued that Trump has accelerated what he hopes is a coming schism that involves “splitting off the principled Republicans from the unprincipled Republicans and Trump cultists.”

“That would be a blessing,” he wrote.

Speaking with Cooper on Monday night, Friedman said what is needed is “a war of ideas within conservatives to root this out.” Alluding to the pro-Trump mob’s violent insurrection and its GOP enablers in Congress and the White House, Friedman added: “What we need more now than anything is conservatives to call this out for what it is. That this is craziness. This is madness. It has nothing to do with conservatism.”

“There are QAnon folks in the halls of Congress now,” Cooper pointed out, referring to the deranged, pro-Trump conspiracy theory. “There are all these House members, who still even after the insurrection, you know, there was still rubble around the inside the halls of the Capitol, were voting to overturn the will of the vast majority of Americans.”

“It’s terrifying, but there are many things that are necessary to root it out,” Friedman explained. “I think the most important thing is that that party fracture, because the reason the ideas scaled is the party was split inside the Republican party. We’ve seen that. But because they had the White House and the Senate they were able to paper over, cement over a lot of those splits with goodies. They will not have the Senate. They will not have the White House. You’re about to see conflict within that party. I mean, it will be scorpions in a bottle. That’s actually healthy because that fight has to happen. Because when that happens, if they are out of power for awhile, there’s nothing that cures crazy ideas in Washington more than being out of power.”

Watch the video above, via CNN.

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