Tom Friedman Urges Democrats to Hammer GOP for Not Letting Witnesses Speak Before Senate

New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman urged Democrats to continuously hammer President Donald Trump on why he “won’t let the witnesses speak” once the impeachment battle passes the House and moves to the Senate.

“I really think it’s so important when this moves to the Senate, it’s going to get more complicated than I think Republicans realize,” the Pulitzer Prize-winning author said Wednesday while on Morning Joe. “And if I were Democrats, my T-shirt would be simple. I’m a big believer to name something is to own it. If you can name the issue, you can own the issue. Trump wants to name this a coup. It’s critical for Democrats to ask every morning on this show, every show, everywhere they go, why won’t you let the witnesses speak?”

“Let them speak,” host Joe Scarborough reiterated, before Friedman added, “Why are you hiding the people that know the most? And you just have to ask that question every morning.”

“And how cynical of Mitch McConnell to say, ‘Oh, they want us to do their work’ when of course it was Donald Trump that wouldn’t let the witnesses come forward,” Scarborough continued. “And it was Donald Trump that was stopping everybody, the OMB, the national security apparatus.”

On Tuesday, McConnell insisted that witnesses should not be allowed to speak before the Senate, telling Fox News, “I think we’ve heard enough. After we’ve heard the arguments, we ought to vote and move on.”

Trump has deferred the issue to the GOP Senate majority leader.

“Yeah, he can decide. And we’ll also have to decide on when we’re taking the vote for the USMCA,” Trump said Tuesday while speaking in the White House. “To me, I’d let the Senate decide on that.”

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