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Tom Nichols Tells Joy Reid It’s ‘Tragic’ That ‘Sad, Angry Little Boys’ Like Stephen Miller Are Allowed in White House

Republican author and commentator Tom Nichols appeared on AM Joy on Saturday, and after a lengthy conversation on impeachment, told Joy Reid that it’s “tragic” that people like top Trump aide Stephen Miller are even “allowed to walk the halls of the White House.”

Miller is in the news once again after he said that Democrats accusing him of supporting white nationalism are themselves being anti-Semitic. It is not, however, only Democrats who are saying it.

After discussing impeachment and the state of the Republican party overall, Reid brought up the Miller story, saying he is a “strange figure in every way,” and that, despite his family being “of Jewish extraction,” that “twenty-five Jewish lawmakers have now asked Donald Trump to fire him, because of white nationalist comments and things he was circulating at Breitbart.” That letter from lawmakers is what prompted Miller’s latest comments.

“Look…can you explain this guy to me?” Reid asked Nichols, who is an outspoken Trump critic.

“You know, there’s a bunch of guys in this movement, and close to Trump, that are just these kind of sad, angry little boys that, you know, didn’t have any friends in college or something, that there is this kind of creepiness,” said Nichols. “But I think the more amazing thing is that we’ve just gotten used to it.”

“There was once a time in this country where somebody like Stephen Miller, after the first thing he’d said or written, even before the election, would never have been allowed to walk the halls of the White House. There were limits in this country. And now we sort of shrug and say ‘eh, what are you gonna do?’ And I think that’s really tragic,” Nichols added. “It says something terrible about us, as a country, that he still works in the White House.”

Watch the clip above, courtesy of MSNBC.

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