Tomi Lahren and Jesse Watters Swap Stories of ‘Intolerant and Unloving’ Leftists Throwing Water on Them


On Saturday, Tomi Lahren and Jesse Watters teamed up to swap stories of the “intolerant and unloving” left throwing water on them.

It all started when Watters played a clip of Lahren getting water thrown on her in a now-viral clip during his Watters’ World show.

Lahren quipped that viewing the water attack was “still traumatic” and then blamed “intolerant” liberals for being willing to stoop to a new low.

“It was water and it’s not the end of the world. It just shows the unloving and intolerant left and their true colors,” Lahren opined. “The fact that they are proud of it, they wanted to post it online, yeah that’s a new low, but hey that’s the left.”

Watters then shared a similar story that happened in Manhattan the night of the presidential election.

“I was at a bar on Election Night 2016 watching Trump win and obviously getting excited when Trump started picking up some Democrat states,” Watters said. “All of a sudden a young lady threw a drink at me… and she ran out of the bar like a total animal. And it happens to people, there is nothing you can do about it when water gets thrown at you.”

Watters then noted someone threw pies at Ann Coulter, people get glitter-bombed, but “It doesn’t really happen on the right. You don’t see a lot of conservatives throwing water or fruit at Democrats.”

Then after discussing the matter further, the duo decided that it really wasn’t a widespread problem on either side of the political divide.

Lahren pointed out most Americans on both the left and right valued free speech, prompting Watters to conclude, “I mean it is like .001% of the people do this, this is not a regular occurrence.”

Watters then stressed that while it doesn’t happen often “when they do this they try to blow it up because they are proud of it. They think they are heroes for doing things like this. when in fact they are just a bunch of cowards.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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