Tomi Lahren: ‘Can You Imagine If Fox News Attacked Michelle Obama?’ Yes We Can.


Tomi Lahren showed her age on Wednesday when — during a segment expressing outrage at the treatment of Melania Trump — she tried to make the case that Fox News never criticized former first lady, Michelle Obama.

Lahren was on Fox & Friends today to respond to this horrible, evil, nasty tweet from CNN contributor Ana Navarro.

As you can see, Navarro pointed out the irony of Mrs. Trump’s recent speech where she encouraged people not to cyberbully each other, even though critics say Melania’s husband does that on a daily basis.

Did this register with Lahren? No. Instead, she called it a “disgusting and vile” attack while asking: “Can you imagine if we would sit here on Fox News and attack Michelle Obama for something she was trying to do to better the country?”

“We’d be attacked for it up and down,” Lahren said. “But because it’s Melania, because her last name is Trump, people like Ana Navarro think it’s okay that they’re entitled to do that.”

Yes, because the idea of Fox News and conservative critics making petty, personal attacks on Michelle Obama during her husband’s presidency is just absurd and unthinkable.

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