Tomi Lahren Defends Accused War Criminals: Their Critics Prioritize Terrorists Over Americans


Fox Nation host Tomi Lahren defended the alleged war criminals that President Donald Trump is reportedly considering pardons for, calling the servicemen “great American heroes” and accusing their critics of siding with terrorists.

Lahren, appearing on Fox & Friends, railed against 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton for speaking out against the potential pardons but not commenting on the American set to be released after serving 17 years in prison for supporting the Taliban.

“You don’t hear Hillary Clinton talking about that or tweeting about that,” Lahren said. “Yet, she perfectly comfortable talking about how grotesque it is that President Trump may be set to pardon our American war fighters including Eddie Gallagher and Matt Golsteyn. That’s grotesque to her.”

Navy SEAL Edward Gallagher is one of the more high profile servicemen on Trump’s reported list of pardons. He was turned in by seven of his fellow SEALs for a series of war crimes, including shooting a school-age girl with a sniper rifle and stabbing to death a captured ISIS fighter who was receiving medical treatment. His trial is set for the end of May.

Maj. Matthew Golsteyn was charged with murdering an Afghan in 2010.

Lahren plugged her Fox Nation interviews with the wife and brother of Gallagher and the wife of Golsteyn, calling their account of what happened “the true story.”

“I encourage everyone to go on and watch it, hear the true story and whole story before they make their judgment on these two great American heroes,” Lahren said.

“They believe the wrong story,” Fox & Friends host Brian Kilmeade said. “People who are critical of Eddie Gallagher and Sean Gallagher have not listened to their side of the story. And for Hillary Clinton to make that conclusion is abhorrent.”

“Well, it just shows where their priorities are,” Lahren added. “It’s always been terrorists over American war fighters. But thankfully we have a president who believes the opposite and he is going to fight for our American heroes.”

“And they are going to go to trial,” Kilmeade said (though if Trump does indeed pardon Gallagher on Memorial Day, he will not face trial.)

Watch above, via Fox News.

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