Tomi Lahren, Dem Strategist Battle Over Bill Clinton Allegations: Hillary Is ‘Just as Responsible!’


On Thursday night, things got very heated between Fox News contributors Tomi Lahren and Democratic strategist Jessica Tarlov over the revived “reckoning” of Bill Clinton.

The segment began civilly when Tarlov agreed with Sean Hannity that since there’s photographic evidence against Sen. Al Franken, this isn’t a “he said she said” situation like it is with Roy Moore. But she pointed out the difference that Franken owned up and apologized for his actions, unlike Moore and Donald Trump, who just denied the assault allegations. Hannity defended the president by insisting that when he spoke to many of his accusers, they said they were “taken out of context.”

He then asked how everyone would react to the photograph if it were Trump instead of Franken, but when she invoked the Access Hollywood tape, Hannity pivoted to Clintons and how the media and liberals “protected” them for 30 years.

Lahren insisted that the allegations against the former president “go beyond” him and go to Hillary Clinton as well.

“I know that the liberals hate it when we still talk about Hillary, but I think it’s important that if we go all the way back to Bill and that we follow it through Hillary,” Lahren elaborated.  “She just ran for president on the whole women card, the whole female empowerment. Hillary is just as responsible as Bill was.”

Tarlov pushed back.

“Tomi, if Bill Clinton raped Juanita Broaddrick, I don’t know how you can say that Hillary Clinton is just as responsible,” Tarlov said. “Think about what you’re saying here. I know you want to say she enabled-”

“She’s an enabler!” Lahren shouted. “If you have a ‘bimbo eruption’ squad and you worked to blackmail and discredit the accusers, are you not also responsible?!”

Tarlov accused Lahren of “conflating two very separate things,” but Lahren insisted that the Clintons set a “precedent” that should be revisited.

“Of course we’re still talking about Donald Trump, we’re talking about an Access Hollywood tape,” Lahren continued. “Meanwhile, we have disgusting pictures right in front of us! Why we’re still going back to Donald Trump I don’t understand, when we should be talking about the precedent setter, which was Bill Clinton, which was Hillary Clinton.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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