Tony Perkins on Evangelicals Giving Trump ‘A Mulligan’: Bad Behavior Was ‘Years Ago’


Ultra conservative evangelical leader Tony Perkins defended Donald Trump’s character tonight amid his latest sexual scandal, as he vowed continued support despite allegations that the president paid a porn star hush money to keep a 2006 affair quiet.

Perkins, who is the president of the Family Research Council, claimed that while Trump does not have unlimited chances with the evangelical community and if he were participating in these actions today they would pull their support for him, for now, the president’s past is a judgement-free-zone.

Or as he put it earlier today, evangelicals give Trump “a mulligan.”

While appearing on CNN, Perkins said this was “all before he became president” and said if this behavior happened now, that’s a different story. He noted this behavior “happened 10 years ago.”

Perkins told Erin Burnett the following:

“This President––everything he does good or bad is attacked. I am going to tell you about the policies that we are watching. He has moved the embassy of Israel to Jerusalem… He has ordered the Department of Justice to make sure every federal agency is respecting religious freedom. He has embraced a solid pro-life agenda and as long as the President continues to keep his promises and he continues to conduct himself as he has that I am aware of, he continues to have the support of evangelicals.”

Burnett then pushed Perkins to address Trump’s “shithole countries” comment, to which the FRC leader deflected by simply calling it “colorful language” and not addressing the claims of racism.

He went on to cite suggest Trump is a changed man from his days before running for office.

“Let me be very clear, if the president were to continue continue to engage in behavior that’s alleged to have happened ten years ago, that support is not going to be there,” Perkins said. “I am thankful I got a second chance and I would pray that others would seek a second chance by changing and doing the right thing.”

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