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Tony Perkins, Ted Olson Battle over SCOTUS’ ‘Back Alley’ Decision on Same Sex Marriage

Family Research Council President Tony Perkins and Ted Olson, one of the most high-profile conservative advocates for gay marriage, battled over the issue Sunday morning on Fox News Sunday.

Perkins argued that SCOTUS’ non-decision on a slew of gay marriage appeals last week, which effectively legalized the practice in a number of states, was a “back alley Roe v. Wade“* move that would politicize the debate and “have ramifications for years to come in this nation.”

Olson, a former solicitor general for the Bush administration, scoffed at this, drawing the parallel to Loving v. Virginia, which declared bans on interracial marriage unconstitutional.

Perkins denied this connection. “We’re talking about an arbitrary boundary created by man between the races; that doesn’t exist in nature,” he said. “There is a boundary between people of the same sex getting married. They can’t procreate. There’s nothing in nature to say that’s normal.”

Perkins argued that marriage was not for the legal protection of an adult union but for the protection of children. Olsen threw that back in his face. “What the Supreme Court said in the cases that it decided last year involving the defense of marriage case, striking that down, is that children do matter,” Olsen argued. “There are thousands and tens of thousands of children in same-sex house holds. They deserve the same respect and decency to that others have.”

There’s more, including bits about judicial activism, wedding bakeries, and so forth. Watch the clip below, via Fox News:

* That doesn’t make any literal sense.

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