Too Soon? Fox News’ Will Cain Swiftly Pivots from Colin Powell’s Death to His Vaccination Status


It didn’t take very long for Fox & Friends co-host Will Cain to pivot from Colin Powell’s death to the fact that he died from Covid-19 complications despite being fully vaccinated.

News broke of the passing of the former Chairman of Joint Chiefs and Secretary of State at roughly 8 a.m. Monday morning, and as Fox & Friends eulogized the towering American figure in military and politics, Cain noted that there will be many conversations about the fact that Powell was fully vaccinated and still succumbed to the potentially deadly pathogen at 84.

Cain noted Powell’s family Facebook posting revealed that he had been fully vaccinated to which Ainsley Earhardt gasped “wow.” Kilmeade and Earhardt reflected on the historic role Powell played over the last several decades before Cain pivoted to his death from Covid despite his vaccination.

“There will be many conversations in wake of this death, there will be honoring this man, this public servant, this human being, who was a professional soldier for 35 years,” he offered. “We can reflect on his life and we should. There also be conversations about the fact he was fully vaccinated, according to his family and he died from complications from  Covid.”

“We are beginning to see statistics like this grow in frequency,” Cain continued. “We know the vaccine does wane over time in its ability to protect you from not just its transmission and infection but severe complications and hospitalization and obvious, death well. We know it’s beginning to spill over covid into the vaccinated population.”

“Again, Colin Powell in the direct age demographic that offers the most from complications from Covid,” he added. “but I think everyone watching needs to be aware of limitations — and protections — that we all have all offered ourselves through this pandemic in all of this potential risk.”

Powell was previously diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a type of blood cancer that hurts the body’s ability to fight infections, a salient point of which Cain and his Fox & Friends co-hosts were understandably unaware.

To Cain’s credit, his commentary on the value of vaccinations was measured, and he was quick to point out that it also provides protections. But it doesn’t take a huge political cynic to note that bringing up the efficacy of vaccinations just 10 minutes after learning of Powell’s death may have been a bit too soon, though it’s most certainly the angle that many Fox & Friends viewers are most interested in, so at least he knows his audience.

Watch above via Fox News.

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