Toobin Goes Back In: Hillary Hate is the ‘Only Thing That Unites The Republican Party Today’


Coming back on for CNN’s Newsroom, Jeffrey Toobin wasn’t done sharing pointed opinions on White House’s reaction to the multitude of stories involving Russia.

Like his stop earlier in the morning on New Day where Toobin claimed that, “this whole Uranium One thing comes from Fox News,” he again wasted no time rejecting the White House’s new obsession.

Toobin opened by restating his thesis that the Uranium One story is about “the symbosis between Fox News and the Trump White House.” Following that up, Toobin again went in deep:

This is an old investigation that deals with 10-year old or almost 10-year-old events, and it’s an attempt by the Republicans to get us to talk about something other than Russia’s possible influence in the election last year. You know, sure, it’s important to hear from witnesses’ who care but the idea that this is a priority for the Senate Judiciary Committee at this late date, it’s a completely political undertaking designed to get people to talk about the only thing that unifies the Republican Party today, which is hating Hillary Clinton.

When asked about the gravity of recent reports saying that President Trump urged the lifting the gag order on the FBI informant involved with Uranium One, Toobin replied that while it isn’t a “crime” or an “impeachable offense” the move was definitely Nixonian.

Given President Donald Trump’s background and the noted Nixon enthusiasts he surrounded himself during the campaign (*cough*Roger Stone*cough*,) the president might accidentally take this as a compliment.

Watch the clip above courtesy of CNN.


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