Toobin: Trump Declaring Nat’l Emergency to Get Wall Would Be ‘Complete Departure’ from Norms of Presidential Behavior


On Friday, President Donald Trump said during a press conference that he would consider declaring a national emergency to get his border wall.

According to Trump, he would make the declaration “for the security of our country.”

Yet, CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin said to do so would be no less than a “complete departure” from the norms of the American presidency. He admitted, though, that if Trump attempted the move, he may get away with it.

Toobin’s comments came during a discussion about Trump’s claim.

During that discussion,  Justice Reporter Laura Jarrett noted that while Trump does have the power to declare a national emergency, he is supposed to use those powers responsibly.

“So there’s no question that he has the discretion to declare a national emergency. He’s the president,” Jarrett said. “But I almost liken it to the pardon power. The question is not whether he can do it but whether he should do it.”

She added: “I think it is another example where we see sort of the norms breaking down. You know, there are expansive executive powers here and part of the bargain is that you will use them responsibly.”

Jarrett then stressed that if Trump — who is known to tease things and not follow through — tries it, it will turn into an “ugly court problem.”

Toobin then said Jarrett was,  in his estimation, correct.

“I think Laura has it exactly right,” Toobin said. “It is a complete departure from the norms of presidential behavior.”

He then added, though, that if Trump tries it, “it is quite possible that the president legally could get away with it” given the fact that it is unclear who would have the standing to sue in that case.

Watch above, via CNN.

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