Top 5 Replacement Ideas for Fox’s Huckabee

With the departure of Mike Huckabee, so goes Fox’s most deliciously hokey program.

The former Republican Governor of Arkansas announced Saturday that he will end his weekly show to mull another presidential run. Gone are the cringe-worthy “If Hee Haw and the Family Research Council had a baby“-like moments; the surreal musical performances; the televangelical prosthelytizing on a constantly-doomed American culture; and the smarmy warnings that God is fed up with us all.

We’ll also never again get the chance to hear a Fox News host deliver this sort of brilliantly awful one-liner: “I’m beginning to think theres more freedom in North Korea sometimes than there is in the United States.”

Unless, of course, Fox listens to us and selects one of the following candidates to fill Huckabee’s “Gosh gee golly, I sure do love small government unless it offends my social conservatism” shoes.

Disclaimer: We recognize that Fox will likely go with none of the below suggestions. That’s a good thing. Enjoy.

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