Top 8 Possibilities For Donald Trump’s Super Huge, Top Secret Announcement About Obama

Top 8 Possibilities For Trump's Super Huge, Secret Announcement About Obama

Donald Trump made his best attempt at capturing the news cycle again when he revealed to Fox & Friends this week that on Wednesday he will reveal “something very, very big concerning the president of the United States.”

Naturally, because this huge announcement is totally top secret, Trump provided little detail beyond letting us all know that this story is “going to be very big” and “you will cover it in a very big fashion” and, oh yeah, it will be “very big” and “bigger than anybody would know.”

In fact, the news is going to be so big that it can’t possibly be the rumor that President Obama was a cocaine dealer in college (which a Trump rep shot down this morning). A “respected financial pundit” claims Trump’s huge leak is the divorce papers of Barack and Michelle Obama from decades ago. Sounds plausible, but it must be something bigger, right?

We don’t normally get into the speculation game, but this story is just so BIG and HUGE, that we’ve decided to put our super amazing soothsaying skills to the test and predict the top eight possibilities for what Trump has up his sleeve.


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