Top Ten Interviewer Reactions From Donald Trump’s Outrageous TV Appearances

Potential Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has dominated the airwaves as of late, as he grants interviews to anyone with a camera for him to appear in front of or a telephone for him to call. Much like the four stages of grief, it seems like Trump’s various interviewers are each at various stages along the path of the “Four Stages of a Trump Interview.”

Stage 1: Shock – as interviewers don’t exactly know how to respond to some of the outrageous positions and statements Trump refuses to back down from.

Stage 2: Laughter – as interviewers enjoy Trump being provocative, but doubt he’ll seriously pursue a campaign.

Stage 3: Disbelief – as interviewers get angry, throw their hands up in frustration and nearly succumb to Trump’s limitless bravado.

Stage 4: Combative – as interviewers decide to fight back and stand toe-to-toe with the Trumpster, despite his repeated utterance of “excuse me” to demonstrate his disapproval of being challenged.

Flip through the pictures below to see whether you agree with how far along each of these interviewers have come, and stay tuned to watch future Trump interviews to see if these interviewers progress any further.

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