‘Totally Bleepin’ Bonkers!’ John Oliver Celebrates MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace Cursing Out Trump


Last week, we posted about Nicolle Wallace using the word “chickenshit” on air during a fiery rant aimed at, among others, Fox News host Laura Ingraham. But that wasn’t the only time Wallace has been inspired to drop an expletive by President Donald Trump or one of his defenders.

Sunday on HBO’s Last Week Tonight, host John Oliver presented a minute-long montage of the Deadline: White House host expressing all of her bleepin’ dismay at Trump in a package titled: “MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace has a real f*cking problem with this president.”

Among the gems in the highlight reel, Wallace said Trump has looked like he’s “full of bleep.”

“When you’ve lost Fox News, you’re bleeped,” she added.

And, “that tweet you just sent out? Totally bleepin’ bonkers!”

The clips drew riotous laughter and applause from the Last Week Tonight audience.

“Moving on…” Oliver said wryly afterwards.

Watch above, via HBO.

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