‘Totally Fraudulent’: Ed Schultz, Ohio Dem. Rip GOP Official’s Claim of ‘Zero Voter Suppression’

Ohio state Sen. Nina Turner (D-Cleveland) appeared on MSNBC with Ed Schultz on Wednesday where she tore into claims made by Ohio’s Republican secretary of state, Jon Husted, who told a host of Fox & Friends that there was “zero voter suppression” in his state in 2012. Turner, a likely candidate for secretary of state in 2014, assured Shultz that Husted’s claim was inaccurate. “Totally fraudulent,” Schultz agreed.

“I asked all 88 county boards of elections in the state to do a review, top to bottom, of all substantiated claims of fraud and suppression, and what we came up with were around 270 cases of alleged fraud or irregularity. Zero cases of suppression,” Husted said on Fox.

Schultz took exception to this statement and featured images which he claimed were “intimidating” to African-American voters, including some which warned of jail time associated with committing voter fraud.

“I wish that his deeds mirrored his words,” Turner said. “In 2012, he created such an environment of confusion — you know, if he wanted to make it easy to vote, why did he file lawsuit after lawsuit or appeal after appeal all the way to the united states supreme court to take away the last three days of early voting?”

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“If he wanted to make it easier to vote, why did he fire two Board of Elections officials in Hamilton county for the crime of trying to expand early voting?” she continued.

“And then for him to try to blame the 88 county Boards of Elections?” Turner added. “Leadership starts at the top.”

“He is the secretary of state, and so it is his job to make sure that elections are fair,” she asserted. “He created an environment of suppression, time and time again.”

“So, the presentation that he gave to that person that was asking the questions was totally fraudulent,” Schultz asserted.

Turner added that a report she commissioned indicated that there were, in fact, instances of voter suppression that were intentionally overlooked by Husted and the Board of Elections.

Watch the clip below via MSNBC:

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