Touré Defends ‘Journalistic’ Concept Behind Rolling Stone’s Boston Bomber Cover: ‘Exploring Roots Of Evil’

MSNBC host Touré dug into the controversy surrounding Rolling Stone magazine featuring Boston Bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on a recent cover. The decision has been sharply criticized by some for seeming to glorify the bomber whose act of terrorism took three lives and injured hundreds more. Touré, however, said that he understood the “journalistic” impulse to “explore the roots of evil.”

Touré said he understood the outrage over the cover and said that some who have suggested that Tsarnaev’s victims should have also been featured on the cover along with their killer. However, he said that he could see what the Rolling Stone editors were trying to accomplish with this cover.

“I understand here the journalistic move of, ‘Let’s explore the roots of evil,’” Touré said. “Let’s explore the person who’s still alive whose life went so horribly wrong, and understand — try to understand why that happened.”

“That’s part of the intellectual journey that you’re taking,” he observed.

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“I think we’re trying to get at, there was an innocence to this person,” Touré added. “They weren’t always this, sort of, evil.”

“This, sort of, [National Rifle Association CEO] Wayne LaPierre concept of people are either good or evil is, sort of, cockamamie,” he concluded.

Watch the clip below via MSNBC:

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