Touré Justifies All Men Paying for Maternity Care: ‘We Pay for Dates to Get Them into Bed’ in First Place

Amid a humorous monologue on Monday, The Cycle host Touré took on the claim made by those on the right of the political spectrum that the Affordable Care Act’s coverage requirements, including things like mandatory maternity care even for men, is discriminatory. Touré asserted that female health care consumers have been discriminated against for years, and that “they can’t get pregnant alone.”

“Obamacare is a war on bros,” Touré said mockingly before playing a clip of a Fox News Channel guest saying the exact same thing without a hint of sarcasm.

A slightly more scholarly Fox News Channel guest justified this claim by insisting that women, who as a demographic are more likely to take advantage of medical services, should pay more for insurance coverage than men.

“That makes perfect sense if you’re a young man who is not a smoker, not sick, not poor, and not getting health insurance from your employer,” Touré countered. “Then you’re going to pay more. And that’s wrong.”

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He cited a graphic which showed that young, healthy men will pay more for health insurance under the ACA while the older, sicker, and women will pay less for coverage. “That’s discrimination!” Touré exclaimed.

Touré later dropped the mocking tone and got serious. “Women have been getting screwed on health care forever,” he asserted. “And they can’t get pregnant alone, so why shouldn’t guys have to chip in?”

“We pay for dates to get them in bed and then don’t want to pay for maternity costs when it works out?,” Touré continued. “That’s not manly and it’s not fair.”

Watch the clip below via MSNBC:

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