Tracy Morgan Continues Quest To Let World Know He Finds Sarah Palin Physically Attractive


Sunday night, actor Tracy Morgan continued his quest to let the entire world know that he finds politician Sarah Palin to be physically attractive. Morgan had previously made his controversial statements during a TNT basketball game, only to be denounced by those that wish to keep it a secret that, in addition to being a former Governor of a state of the union, Palin also meets certain ideals of human beauty. However, last night during the SAG Awards Pre-Show, Morgan repeated his dangerous opinion, proclaiming Palin to be the “hottest MILF in the world.”

This is a serious situation as people continue to believe that acknowledging a politician was born with good genes would instantly ruin their credibility as a serious leader, presumably because we normal people still have grudges left over from high school. In fact, as we speak, certain operatives are looking for an elusive document that would ruin President Obama’s political career. No, not a Kenyan birth certificate but, rather, sexy, shirtless beach pictures.

Morgan’s previous comments about Palin being “serious masturbation material” resulted in TNT issuing an official apology. So far, E! Entertainment has not issued any statement and has, in fact, released video of the “MILF” (meaning “Mother I‘d Like to F**k”) comments on their YouTube channel. Perhaps this is because masturbation is a sin, whereas “liking to fornicate” with them is not unless she’s your neighbor’s wife.

You can watch Morgan’s incendiary remarks in this video from E! Entertainment below:

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