Train Wreck TV: MSNBC’s Debt Ceiling Demonstration Leaves Viewers Baffled

On MSNBC‘s Jansing & Co., reporter Richard Lui was worried all this talk about the debt ceiling was too confusing for viewers and was determined to do something about it. Therefore, in an effort to demystify the economics, Lui staged a demonstration of the process and prompted to confuse viewers about something else entirely as they wondered what in the world were they watching?

In the reenactment, Lui played the part of “spending” and the coveted role of “debt ceiling” went to the MSNBC-constructed foam board. From there, Lui recited, “as spending, me, right here, has gotten so big, and now, as you were just mentioning, there’s not much space left . . . many think my head, or spending, will hit this ceiling in the coming months.” In case viewers were distracted by the abundance of characters during the presentation, anytime Lui said the word “spending,” he pointed to himself.

At one point Lui described that some economists think using language like “catastrophe” in the context of debt ceiling discussions is “unneeded theatrics.” And yes, Lui sincerely delivered that line while bouncing his head up against the “debt ceiling” and wearing a white t-shirt with “spending” spelled out across it. Mercifully, host Chris Jansing finally showed up to end the performance and inserted a moment of humor, which for the first time was intentional, commenting “MSNBC spares no budget for the clothing allowance.”

Watch the unique reenactment from MSNBC below:

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