Transgender Miss Universe Contestant Tells Her Side Of The Story On The View

Jenna Talackova, the transgender beauty queen who is hoping to compete in the Donald Trump-owned Miss Universe pageant, was on The View this morning to talk about her efforts to overturn a rule that mandates that contestants be “naturally born female.” She was very soft-spoken and measured about the controversy, answering a lot of awkward questions gracefully (like, for instance, whether or not she has “normal sexual relations” with her boyfriend). She explained that she has known she was a woman “since [she] was conscious,” and later made it official with hormones and sex reassignment surgery.

While Talackova came off like a class act, her lawyer Gloria Allred was Gloria Allred-ing all over the place, saying, hammily, “the most painful part of becoming a woman is when they cut your salary in half!” Oh, boy. Couldn’t Talackova have retained a lawyer who wasn’t so intent on inserting herself into the controversy? Allred also bragged that Trump said he wouldn’t have challenged Talackova had he known Allred was involved in the case — “Keep up with the news, Donald!” It may be true that he would have avoided the controversy, but it’s just as likely that he wanted to avoid all the annoyance that comes with Gloria Allred litigating a case just as much as he wanted to avoid dealing with her formidable lawyering talents.

You can see the clip here via ABC:

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