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Travel Channel’s Anthony Bourdain Calls Tea Partiers ‘Very Angry White People’

Anthony Bourdain hosts a food and travel show called No Reservations on the Travel Channel. Friday he joined CNN’s Candy Crowley, conservative rock star Ted Nugent and AC 360 host Anderson Cooper to discuss political issues of the day. Known for his candor, Bourdain did not disappoint in his frank assessment of the Tea Party movement, labeling those involved “very angry white people.”

When asked by Cooper if he’d ever attended a Tea Party, Bourdain responed: “You know, I was just reading “Hellhound on His Trail,” a book about the assassination of Dr. King and about…particularly about the Wallace for president campaign in California back then. And you’re looking at, I think, at basically the same demographic: a lot of marginal, very angry white people.” He then admitted, as a proud liberal, that he was actually pleased with how he expects the Tea Party movement to affect the coming elections. “They’re insuring that no reasonably electable Republican will be President. They’re taking over the party in a way that makes them look more or less crazy.”

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