Trevor Noah Asks Elizabeth Warren: ‘Do You Realize What a Solid’ Mitch McConnell Did You?


It seemed highly unlikely over the course of the last year-and-a-half that in February 2017 Elizabeth Warren would be most talked about Democratic party representative. And yet, given the drama that unfolded earlier this week when she was effectively silenced by Mitch McConnell — plus the liberal left’s rally cry of ownership over the phrase “Nevertheless, she persisted” — the Massachusetts Senator is firmly in the spotlight.

Warren surprised the crowd at The Daily Show Wednesday night by appearing to discuss the unfolding circumstances surrounding the appointment of Jeff Sessions as our nation’s top prosecutor, a move that she aimed to fight against by reading a 1986 letter written by Coretta Scott King.

Host Trevor Noah had a slightly different take on the situation, however, asking Warren, “Do you think you realized in that moment and do you think Mitch McConnell realizes what a solid he’s done you?” Warren laughed off the suggestion that the situation is actually working in her favor, but Noah continued. “Because since that happened,” he said, “just on Facebook Live alone, when you read the letter it got six million views last time I checked. And it is everywhere, and people are reading it.”

After being silenced, Warren proceeded to read the letter in full during a Facebook Live broadcast.

“This has helped us have a better Democratic conversation,” she said. “Understand: we don’t have the votes in the United States Senate to block somebody like Jeff Sessions, or yesterday, to block a Secretary of Education who doesn’t believe in public education. We don’t have those votes.” Betsy DeVos was confirmed to lead Education, despite only receiving 50 votes, as Vice President Mike Pence had to cast the first confirmation deciding vote in American history in DeVos’ favor.

The Massachusetts Senator continued by invoking part of King’s letter that called into question Sessions’ history prosecuting Civil Rights workers who were trying to help elderly African Americans vote. “She talks about what Jeff Sessions directly did as the US attorney for Alabama,” Warren said, nothing that Republicans refuse to address the substance of the letter.

Watch above, via The Daily Show on Comedy Central.

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