Trevor Noah Blasts Media For Hyping Up SCOTUS ‘Battle’: Democrats Have ‘No Way To Stop’ Trump’s Pick


Trevor Noah had a rather realist approach to the political shockwaves made by Justice Anthony Kennedy and his announced retirement from the Supreme Court.

Noah began by calling the idea of President Donald Trump reshaping the Supreme Court “crazy.”

“You do realize that regardless what happens in his presidency now, Donald Trump will leave a mark on this country for decades to come,” Noah said. “Like it’s not going to go away. It’s like he’s giving America judicial herpes.”

The Daily Show host told his audience that he “can handle” Trump being president “for a few years,” but what “blows [his] mind” is how he will get to “fundamentally reshape America for generations.”

He then accused the media of “licking its lips” for its coverage of the Supreme Court vacancy with several outlets declaring a “battle” between Republicans and Democrats over Kennedy’s replacement.

“I’m sorry, but what battle are we talking about here?” Noah asked. “I understand that these guys are trying to drum up ratings, but it’s not true. Republicans control the Senate, okay? The Democrats have no power and no way to stop them from confirming Trump’s Supreme Court pick. Like the media is hyping this up like it’s a heavyweight fight, but this is more like a fight between Floyd Mayweather and a baby.”

“The cold hard facts are Democrats only have 49 Senate votes,” Noah continued. “And while that’s enough to vote for Pizza Friday, it’s not enough to stop a Supreme Court pick. You need at least 51 for that.”

Watch the clip above, via Comedy Central.

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