Trevor Noah Calls Out Sean Spicer’s Shameless, ‘Culture War’ Lobbying on ‘Dancing With the Stars’: He’s ‘Basically Resorted to Election Fraud’


The Daily Show host Trevor Noah called out former Trump White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer for his shameless, “culture war” lobbying to stay on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, claiming Spicer has “basically resorted election fraud.”

It wasn’t supposed to be this way, Noah noted. When Spicer was announced as a contestant in August, the former Trump spokesperson pushed back on left-wing outrage by talking up the nonpartisan nature of DWTS and celebrating the diversity of his fellow contestants.

“I hope what this show is at the end of the season is an example of people of a bunch of different backgrounds, getting together, leaving politics aside, and having a good time in a civil and respectful way,” Spicer said in a clip.

That “beautiful sentiment,” as Noah called it, didn’t survive very long after the show’s judges began to pick apart Spicer’s atrocious dancing, as shown a super-cut of damning reviews of Spicer.

“Those judges are right about Spicer. Not only was he bad at lying to the press. It turns out his hips also can’t lie for shit,” Noah joked. “So, once it became clear he wasn’t going to win over the judges, Sean Spicer decided screw the whole nonpolitical Kumbaya crap, and he started going on the far-right website Breitbart to turn this dance competition into a full-on civil war.”

“People want to see me advance not because of me in particular,” Spicer acknowledged to the far right website, before making an unapologetic appeal based not on talent but on ideological beliefs. “There’s a lot of folks on the left that don’t believe that people on the right have a place in — in their, what they consider society,”

“Okay, I haven’t said this in a while, but, Sean Spicer, what the fuck are you talking about?” a flabbergasted Noah said in reaction. “And Spicer hasn’t only lasted this long on the show by turning this into a culture war. He’s also basically resorted to election fraud.”

Noah then played a video clip of Spicer urging conservative fans in the western US to vote for him even before the show airs each week.

“Did you hear that? He just told people to vote for him 20 times, even if they haven’t seen him dance yet, which is messed up,” Noah said. “Although, it’s also smart. Because you could wait to see him dance, but then how could you text the right number if your eyes are bleeding?”

“I know Sean Spicer isn’t technically breaking any rules,” Noah acknowledged. “I mean, he’s breaking a ton of dancing rules and general rules of physics about how the human body is supposed to move, but he is ruining Dancing With the Stars for a lot of its fans who genuinely love to watch good dancing. Becasue this is not supposed to be about politics. It’s about talent. And the guy who dances with the elegance of a dial-up modem logging into AOL, does not deserve to win.”

Watch the video above, via Comedy Central.

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