Trevor Noah on Breonna Taylor Decision: ‘What Happens When Justice Isn’t Justice?’


Late-night host Trevor Noah reflected on the Kentucky grand jury’s decision not to charge any Louisville police officers in the death of Breonna Taylor — questioning, “What happens when justice is not justice?”

While none of the three officers involved were indicted in the killing of Taylor, a 26-year-old Black woman who was shot and killed by police in March, Brett Hankison was indicted on three counts of wanton endangerment in the first degree for shooting three bullets into a white neighbor’s home. The two officers who killed Taylor after her boyfriend and legal gun owner Kenneth Walker III fired a shot because he thought the police were intruders were not charged.

“They’ll only get in trouble for the shots they missed,” Noah pointed out. “If only the criminal justice system valued Black people as much as drywall.”

Noah told his viewers that there was one question he could not get out of his head following the fallout of the Taylor case: “Who’s winning in this whole thing?”

“Breonna Taylor’s family isn’t winning,” Noah said. “They lost a loved one, they got no justice, and they’ve been thrust into a political firestorm. Black people definitely aren’t winning, because they’ve basically been told that a cop can just barge into your house and shoot you. And not only that, they can say that they were defending themselves in your house.”

Noah the exposed the hypocrisy of the Second Amendment, pointing out that while America allows you to own a gun to protect yourself, if you do protect yourself by using a firearm, then cops have the right to kill you.

“That sounds like a tyrannical government to me. If your answer is, ‘Well, don’t shoot back at the police officers that you mistake as intruders,’ you’re admitting what we all knew is true,” Noah added. “That is, America is a police state, and its most protected class are police officers.”

Noah questioned why police officers are not held accountable for their actions, noting that every human should be responsible for their own actions — despite their profession.

“Black people are exhausted. Millions of Americans are exhausted. They’re tired. Tired of feeling like they’re hunted,” said the host. “Tired of protesting the streets in order to be viewed as equals. They’re tired of people telling them how to protest and trust me when I say Black people would rather be at home taking a nap.”

“What part of it is justice?” Noah later asked. “Nobody’s winning. As a society, we are all losing right now and until there’s real justice, nobody wins.”

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