Trevor Noah Hits Mediaite’s Larry O’Connor for ‘Sh*tting All Over’ His Anti-Gun Rhetoric

In the days that followed the tragic Las Vegas massacre that left 59 dead and over 500 individuals wounded, an intense debate has sprung up along the most predictable lines. Some have noted the defeatist — if not nihilistic — tone by some pro-gun thought leaders who appear to be shrugging their shoulders, while many late night comedians have taken to the airways to plead for change.

Mediaite’s Larry O’Connor offered a thoughtful critique on the latter, hyperbolically saying that there was “nothing more infuriating” than foreign-born comedians telling Americans how we should resolve the problem of mass-shootings. He then appeared on Fox Business and discussed his column on a segment with (foreign-born) host Stuart Varney, which caught the eye of The Daily Show host Trevor Noah (one of the subjects of O’Connor’s jeremiad.)

In an Internet-only segment that did not make broadcast, Noah addressed O’Connor’s “shitting all over him” in a thoughtful and dispassionate manner that deserves credit in this over-the-top and hyper-partisan time in which we find ourselves. Noah first noticed that O’Connor qualified James Corden as talented and not Noah (funny) before giving a well-reasoned defense of his position.

Noah then proceeds to explain that mass-shootings and the “gun problem” transcends where one is from — that this is an issue of humanity, not nationality. He then asked why didn’t South Africans protest Americans who protested Apartheid in the late 80s? They didn’t because protesting the rights of the oppressed is an admirable goal.

And the cessation of mass shooting is also a goal that we should ALL aspire to, regardless of one’s nationality.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of Comedy Central.

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