Trevor Noah Hits Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey: Going to ‘Sex Rehab’ Doesn’t Absolve Your Sex Crimes

On Wednesday night, Trevor Noah kicked off his show by blasting disgraced film mogul Harvey Weinstein and actor Kevin Spacey for seeking treatment, or as he calls it, “doing the responsible thing by pretending to get help.”

Both men have over a dozen accusers come forward in recent weeks, with Weinstein being accused of rape and Spacey being accused of molestation and pedophilia. They had entered an Arizona treatment facility called “Gentle Path,” which includes art therapy, a fitness center, a pool, and yoga.

“Sounds less like rehabilitation and more like a prize you win on Wheel of Fortune,” Noah reacted. “This is how rich people get punished?”

The Daily Show host insisted that the “saving grace” was that the facility was in Arizona because at least the cactus potted plants can “fight back” if Weinstein tries to “jack off” into them.

“Let’s be clear; going to ‘sex rehab’ doesn’t absolve you if you committed sex crimes,” Noah continued. “We’re not stupid, guys. There’s never been an episode of Special Victims Unit that ends with Ice-T going, ‘Get this serial rapist to Gentle Path… I hope you like water aerobics, punk.”

Watch the clip above, via Comedy Central.

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