Trevor Noah: If Smart People Couldn’t Solve North Korea, ‘Why Not Try Trump?’


On Monday night, Trevor Noah had a lot to say about President Trump‘s meeting with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.

The Daily Show host began by reacting to reports that Trump was “ecstatic” about the meeting, specifically when he popped in the White House Briefing Room to tease about the major announcement.

“This is the cutest story I’ve heard about Donald Trump in a long time,” Noah grinned. “He was so excited that Kim Jong Un wanted to meet him that he was running around the White House telling everyone.”

Noah pointed out that a sitting U.S. president meeting with the leader of North Korea is like a “Sesame Street episode about group sex” because it has “never happened.”

“The experts have been trying to solve North Korea for 20 years and it’s only gotten worse, so if the smart people can’t do it, why not try Trump?” Noah continued.

He then took a moment to acknowledge the possibility of Trump pulling this meeting off.

“So look, I know it’s easy to presume the worst because Trump is basically a nuclear knowledge free zone, but what if he gets it right anyway?” Noah asked. “What if he goes to North Korea, doesn’t say anything racist, even bonds with Kim because they go to the same Supercuts, and then they reach an historic agreement to get rid of North Korea’s nukes, that would be amazing! We would celebrate… until President Trump gets home and we realize that he forgot to sign the last page.”

Watch the clip above, via Comedy Central.

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