Trevor Noah: If Trump ‘Loves’ DREAMers, Handing Their Fate to Congress is a ‘Weird Way to Show It’

On Tuesday night, Trevor Noah weighed in on President Trump‘s decision to rescind DACA.

“Even though these folks are commonly known as DREAMers, they’re also doers,” Noah said. “DREAMers serve in the military. DREAMers are first-responders. DREAMers are small-business owners in America. So to rip these young people out of a place where they now have roots is undeniably cold-hearted.”

The Daily Show host showed numerous examples of those speaking out in support of DACA, and said that Trump “doesn’t want to take the blame” for killing DACA, so in “classic Trump fashion” he’s “handing it off to someone else,” in this case Congress.

He also showed a clip of Trump expressing “great love” for DREAMers.

“You know if you really love someone, putting their fate in the hands a Congress is a pretty weird way to show it,” Noah reacted. “I wouldn’t even trust Congress to water my plants while I’m away.”

He then mocked Trump for referring to DREAMers as “young adults” but called his son Donald Trump Jr. “a good kid” in the wake of the Russian lawyer meeting bombshell.

Noah wrapped up the segment by pointing to a DREAMer down in Texas who was a first-responder in Hurricane Harvey.

“Those are the kind of people who are literally making America great again, or at least dry again,” he concluded.

Watch the clip above, via Comedy Central.

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