Trevor Noah: It’s Good That Weinstein Likes People Watching Him Shower… ‘There’s A Lot of That in Prison’

During his third night in Chicago, Trevor Noah suggested that America should “build a wall” around Harvey Weinstein.

“This guy keeps getting worse and worse,” Noah said. “And now the NYPD is looking into criminal allegations as well. So I guess it’s a good thing Harvey Weinstein likes people watching him shower because there’s a lot of that in prison. That’s one upside for him. It’s the one place where it’s normal.”

The Daily Show host clarified that this isn’t a “Hollywood problem; this is a men problem.”

He then welcomed correspondent Michelle Wolf onto the Chicago stage.

“If there were two guys at a bar and one was Weinstein and the other was Steve Bannon, I’d go home with cyanide,” Wolf quipped.

She then mocked men’s shock of the thousands of women’s sexual harassment stories that have been shared in the past several days.

“Men don’t know anything that’s going on with women,” Wolf continued. “You think you understand vaginas because sometimes you put your penis in one. That’s like me saying, ‘I understand engineering because I once drove through a tunnel.'”

She went on to say that men don’t understand that women go through an “obstacle course” everyday when it comes to sexual harassment. She also said that it’s about “power.”

“It’s not good enough to just fire Harvey because there’s always a Bob [Weinstein]. The only way you change it is you change the power from the top,” she elaborated. “My solution, every time a guy gets caught sexually harassing someone, you don’t just fire him, you have to replace him with a woman. It’s a policy that I call, ‘Pull Out Your D**k, Get Replaced By a Chick.”

Watch the clip above, via Comedy Central.

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