Trevor Noah Jokes About Warren’s Reparations Motive: ‘There’s Something I Didn’t Tell You About My Ancestry’


The Daily Show‘s Trevor Noah addressed the renewed push among Democrats and particularly 2020 hopefuls on the issue of reparations, on Thursday, and among several great jokes got in a nice Elizabeth Warren DNA reference.

After introducing the topic, Noah played clips of various Democratic candidates talking about reparations, wrapping with remarks by Warren. When the camera cut back to the desk he said “Wow. That is likely great to hear!”

“Although, I have my eye on you, Elizabeth Warren,” he added.

He joked about what she’d say right after reparations are passed, using his mock Warren voice. “There’s something I didn’t tell you about my ancestry results — I’m also 1/20 black! Who knew?! I accept cash, check, or Apple pay!”

Obviously, that’s a reference to her DNA test debacle after claiming to have Native American heritage.

Noah hit the Republican reaction, too. “It may not come as a surprise, but while Democrats seem to be uniting behind the idea of reparations, people on the right are just as united behind the idea of hell no.”

He showed several clips of people on the right objecting to the idea, including FNC’s Laura Ingraham, who in her remarks about how it would be determined who benefits, asked “whether Nigerians who just arrived here would benefit.”

“What? That’s a stupid question,” said Noah. “Nigerians don’t need reparations. They’ve already been paid by Jussie Smollett, okay?”

The segment continued for several more minutes, including a bit with the resident white guy expert that was pretty great. You can watch the full 8 min segment here.

Or watch the clip above, courtesy of Comedy Central.

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