Trevor Noah Mocks Bill Clinton’s Book Tour: ‘You Know Who I Really Feel Bad For? James Patterson’


Trevor Noah had some fun at the expense of former President Bill Clinton for his stumbles on his book tour involving questions about Monica Lewinsky and the #MeToo Movement.

In a segment called “Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That,” Noah briefly covered several topics including the latest reports surrounding President Trump‘s personal lawyer Michael Cohen, the AT&T-Time Warner merger, and the recent announcement that FIFA will be coming to North America in 2026. But perhaps he saved the best for last.

Clinton raised lots of eyebrows in recent weeks. During his contentious interview on The Today Show, he refused to offer an in-person apology to Lewinsky. And earlier this week, he made rather creepy remarks about how the “norms” have changed in regards to doing things to women “against their will.”

“By the way, his new book is called The President is Missing,” Noah said. “And at this point, it sounds like less like a mystery novel and more like his fantasy.”

The Daily Show host then expressed his sympathy for Clinton’s co-author, legendary writer James Patterson.

“That poor dude just wanted to promote a book, but now he has to sit there quietly through every interview and watch the disaster unfold,” Noah continued. “And the look on his face in every interview- just see for yourself.”

He then played a montage of all the uncomfortable moments James Patterson had to sit through thus far and all the faces he made in the process.

Watch the clip above, via Comedy Central.

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