Trevor Noah Mocks Chris Cuomo for Saying ‘Fredo’ is ‘N-Word’ for Italians


While commenting on CNN anchor Chris Cuomo’s recent viral confrontation with a heckler, Daily Show host Trevor Noah joked about the pundit for suggesting the term “Fredo” is “like the n-word for” Italians.

Cuomo, who is Italian-American, was heckled by a random man who filmed the counter on Sunday; the CNN host responded by threatening to physically attack the obvious troll.

“You might know [Cuomo] for his breaking news, but if you talk trash to him in the streets, the only thing that might end up breaking is your face,” the Daily Show comedian reacted while airing a clip of the incident.

“Cuomo doesn’t mess around!” he added. “Now I see why CNN makes people fight in separate boxes. That’s just workplace safety.”

Noah continued by seemingly mocking Cuomo for the outburst: “Look, Cuomo was clearly pissed off because he felt like when this man called him ‘Fredo’ it was a negative Italian stereotype, what’s funny to me though is the reaction he chose also seemed like a negative Italian stereotype.”

While mimicking a heavy Italian-American accent, Noah impersonated Cuomo’s threats of violence against the heckler, saying, “What you say? I’ll wreck your shit and throw you down these fucking stairs big man — you wanna talk to me?! You wanna talk to me?!”

He finished the segment by suggesting that “Fredo” is not, in fact, equivalent to the n-word.

“Is calling an Italian person ‘Fredo’ the same as calling a black person the ‘n-word’?” Noah asked correspondent Roy Wood Jr., who had a pretty brief answer.

Watch above, via Comedy Central.

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