Trevor Noah Mocks Death of Trump-Macron ‘Friendship Tree’: Lasted Longer Than Most White House Staff


Comedy Central’s Trevor Noah poked fun at the on-the-nose symbolism of the recent death of the ‘friendship tree’ given to President Donald Trump last year by French President Emmanuel Macron.

“It is a little sad the friendship tree died,” Noah said before adding, “but at the same time, it did last longer than most people do in Trump’s White House. So that’s impressive.”

Macron and Trump participated in a public planting event last year at the White House, shoveling dirt on an oak sapling that Macron said symbolized the budding relationship between the two world leaders. Since then, however, their relationship has soured and both men have taken shots at the other. In November, for example, Trump, with no apparent sense of irony, insulted the French leader’s “very low approval rating.”

Upon news of the tree’s death, the French leader announced he would replace the tree, while also downplaying the potent symbolism of its demise.

Noah wasn’t having it.

“Uh uh, Macron. You said that tree was a metaphor, so then it’s a metaphor. Yeah. You can’t now say the tree was just a tree. That’s not how symbols work,” Noah joked. “It’s like in grade school, when you and your best friend get friendship bracelets, yeah, and 10 years later, he’s not wearing it because he got married and his wife thinks it’s ‘weird.’ You know what’s weird, Kevin? You deserting your best friend!

“Also, why is Macron giving Trump another tree? You know it’s just going to die again. He should give Trump something simple, something easy to take care of, like a friendship rock.”

Watch the video above, via Comedy Central.

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