Trevor Noah Mocks Dems’ Losing Streak: ‘By Next Year, San Francisco Will Have Elected Mayor Hannity’

On Tuesday night, Trevor Noah took a break from bashing President Trump and Republicans and took some shots at Democrats.

“You know who has a lot of momentum right now? The Democrats.” Noah began. “In the past year, they lost the presidency and four special elections. Not to mention control of Congress, a dozen governorships, and countless state seats since 2008. Now that’s momentum.

He added, “At this rate by next year, San Francisco will have elected Mayor [Sean] Hannity.”

The Daily Show host then pivoted to the Democrats’ unveiling of their “Better Deal” reboot in Virginia, which he quipped “assembled their biggest crowd in years.”

“So the Democrats have a revamped message,” he continued. “The only problem is, it’s about as fresh as cold pizza.”

He then mocked the comparison between their slogan and the Papa John’s slogan “Better Ingredients, Better Pizza,” which he called “pretty smart.”

“That’s what you should do in politics,” he elaborated. “You take a slogan that you already know works and make it your own. Democrats should stay on it- Planned Parenthood: Think Outside the Bun, the EPA: Melts in Your Mouth, Not in Your Hands, or FEMA: Stay Thirsty, My Friends.”

Watch the clip above, via Comedy Central.


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